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The JuggLife | Maddy Forberg - Tue, 05/21/2019 - 08:27

Maddy Forberg joins us as she prepares to represent the US at IPF Classic Worlds in the Junior 57kg division. We talk with Maddy about how she got into powerlifting, how it has helped her mental health and about the array of weird DMs she gets.

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Improve Your 1RM Deadlift with These Variations - Mon, 05/20/2019 - 08:34
In the third and final part of the 1RM Lift Variation series, my powerlifting friends suggest their favorite movements for improving the deadlift through secondary movements, accessory work, and more.
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Top-3 Cardio Options for the Powerlifter, Strongman, Bodybuilder, and Athlete - Mon, 05/20/2019 - 08:15
Cardio can help you cut weight, get shredded for the stage, and increase athletes' performance. But with so much cardio out there, where do you start? Start here with elitefts team members' top-3 cardio items, based on their sports or areas of expertise.
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Strength and Conditioning Stuff You Should Read: 5/20/19 - Mon, 05/20/2019 - 04:03

I hope you had a great weekend. Here’s a little recommended reading for the week ahead.

Show and Go: High Performance Training to Look, Feel, and Move Better – I turn 38 today, so I decided to put Show and Go, one of my more popular resources, on sale for 38% off. Just head HERE and the discount (from $59.99 to $37.19) will be automatically applied at checkout.

EC on the Lift the Bar Podcast – I joined Stuart Aitken on his podcast to chat about fitness industry success and building up career capital.

Gym Owner Musings: Installment 14 – My business partner, Pete Dupuis, always shares some good nuggets in these brain dumps. They’re must-read for gym owners.

Top Tweet of the Week

In training, we can’t just think about the positions we achieve, but also 1️⃣ how we get to them and 2️⃣the direction and magnitude of the forces acting on us in these positions.

— Eric Cressey (@EricCressey) May 20, 2019

Top Instagram Post of the Week

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Here’s an awesome new exercise my buddy @smittydiesel texted me this morning. Smitty knows I like scapular upward rotation, shoulder flexion mobility, and reflexive rotator cuff recruitment like a fat kid loves cake. And, if you get a rotary stability challenge in the process, the cake is even sweeter. Give him a follow for some innovative tips and all-around awesomeness. #cspfamily #sturdyshouldersolutions

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Hierarchy For Learning The Olympic Lifts

When learning and training the snatch and clean and jerk, always keep in mind this hierarchy: Position, movement, speed, load. Position is the priority because it’s the foundation of everything—all movement originates from a specific position, passes through other important positions, and finishes in another specific position. You cannot perform a correct movement from or to an incorrect position because it would be a different movement. Movement, in most cases, can be lea
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Bang Legs Without Banging Your Lower Back - Sun, 05/19/2019 - 01:31
It took me 26 years to develop lower back issues. But over the last 10 years, I've learned ways to work around them since becoming a slob is not an option. If you're looking for ways to train legs without getting hurt (again), this article is for you.
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Overcoming Isometrics: Myelination to Reach Maximum Potential - Sun, 05/19/2019 - 01:15
During my time working under the University of Minnesota's Cal Dietz, I saw the impact of the myelination phase in athletic performance. I also found it's most effectively programmed with Overcoming Isometric variations of the big lifts.
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LISTEN: Table Talk Podcast Clip — The Big Misconception About Chuck Vogelpohl - Sat, 05/18/2019 - 01:29
If you're emulating Chuck Vogelpohl by ramming your head into the bar and yelling like a wild person at meets, you're doing it wrong.
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Introducing New elitefts Athlete Dan Dalenberg - Sat, 05/18/2019 - 01:12
Dan Dalenberg found his way through life with the help of fellow powerlifters. As a Team elitefts athlete, he intends to give back to the community by passing on information he's learned from those who got him through his lowest points.
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elitefts Classic: So You Think You Can Bench? - Fri, 05/17/2019 - 10:10
This is a series of videos Dave Tate asked us to republish due to the number of times he sends them out each week on his Instagram AMA and DMs.
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When Honesty is the Only Policy - Fri, 05/17/2019 - 09:42
Not unlike with your spouse or significant other, the relationship between training partners depends on many things, but at the central core to this relationship is the quality of one’s honesty with their training partner.
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A Workout of the Day That'll Hammer Your Chest, Shoulder, and Tris - Fri, 05/17/2019 - 09:23
This workout left me hammered. Part of that's on me for joining a co-ed indoor soccer team, and let's just say bodybuilding and soccer don't exactly mix. But that didn't stop me from doing my Workout of the Day.
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Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 5/17/19 - Fri, 05/17/2019 - 08:27

Copyright: wamsler / 123RF Stock Photo

BUT FIRST…CHECK THIS STUFF OUT 1. (Even More) Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Workshop – 2019 Locations & Dates

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: May 25-26th at SVPT Fitness. (<– NEXT weekend).

Sydney, Australia: July 13-14th at Clean Shred.

Melbourne, Australia: July 19-21st and Melbourne Strength & Conditioning. (<—  Includes bonus “Psych Skills for Fitness Pros” pre-workshop with Dr. Lisa Lewis).

This workshop will piggyback on the material Dean Somerset and I covered in the original Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint.

With this iteration, though, we’ll be going a bit deeper into the coaching and programming side of things:

  • How to program around common injuries.
  • How to “connect” the appropriate exercises to the client/athlete.
  • How to really add value with your assessment process.
  • How to squat and deadlift like a boss.

Find out more details HERE.

2. Strategic Strength Workshop – Boston, MA

Luke (Worthington) and I did this workshop last summer in London and figured it’s only fair to bring it State side.

Combined we have 30+ years of coaching experience (I.e., one Mike Boyle or Dan John) and this workshop will be two days where we uncover every nook and cranny as it relates to how we assess our clients/athletes and how we best prepare them for the rigors of every day life/sport.

  • Upper/Lower Extremity Assessment
  • Technique Audits (how to coach common  strength training exercises)
  • Ways to integrate PRI (Postural Restoration Institute) strategies that don’t make your brain hurt.

This will be a unique opportunity for people to learn from myself, but especially Luke, who is one of the best and brightest coaches I know. This will be his first time teaching in the States.

For more information and to register you can go HERE.

3. Strong Body-Strong Mind Workshop – Chicago, IL

This will be the only time Dr. Lisa Lewis and I will be presenting this workshop together in 2019. In previous years we’ve presented it in Boston, London, Toronto, Bonn (Germany),  and Austin, TX.

This 1-day workshop is targeted towards fitness professionals and digs a little deeper into what really “bogs” them down and stresses them out….

…their clients!

Click THIS link for more details on topics covered as well as date/cost/location.


I just left therapy.

I’ve been seeing the same therapist since 2011. At first we met 1x per week, for about a year. Now we meet 1x every 4-6 weeks; to check in.

It’s been an invaluable asset in my life. Just wanted to toss that tidbit out there. Your mental health IS important

— Tony Gentilcore (@tonygentilcore1) May 16, 2019



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Return of the Cobra Row. . After a brutal phase the past 8 weeks it was nice to open up my program today from @gnrobins to see some lighter loads (and higher rep shenanigans). . I remember performing this row variation over a year ago and enjoying it (and I know @coachleeboyce has singed its praises in recent weeks). . ✅It’s a great way to accentuate the eccentric (lengthening) portion of the lift which helps increase range of motion and torches the lats. . ✅This variations lends itself well to high(er) reps or performing “rounds.” . Do This: perform 8 reps on one side, then perform 8 reps on the other. Because you’re alternating between sides there’s a built in rest period. . I performed 5 “rounds” today. . Lats were feeling it afterward. . ALSO: You can use either a band or cable system here; it’s all personal preferences (and whatever you have access to). . Sick beats aren’t optional…

7 BIG Mistakes I Made in the Fitness Industry

Look let’s be honest here…

…very people like to admit their mistakes.

And perhaps more importantly, even fewer want to be vulnerable and share them with the world!

But that’s exactly what I’m doing in this episode. I’m giving you a sneak peak into some of the biggest mistakes I’ve made over the years.

And perhaps most importantly, I’m going to give you specific advice can apply to make sure you learn from my mistakes and fast track your own progress.

Let’s do this!

Show Outline

Here’s a brief overview of what I covered in this week’s show:

  1. Not Showing Up on Time
    • What it truly means to be “On Time” – and why “On Time” is really late!
  2. Not Get Coaching and Mentoring Earlier
    • Perhaps the single biggest reason you’re not seeing the success you want – and how to address it ASAP!
  3. Thinking I Knew Everything
    • Why “I Don’t Know” are three of the most powerful words you can say (and how to use this as a point of learning vs. being a bad thing)
  4. Confusing Book Knowledge with Street Knowledge
    • The MASSIVE difference between book smarts and street smarts
    • How’s there’s absolute NO replacement for getting reps
  5. Not Realizing My Own Training Biases
    • Are you able to differentiate and distinguish YOUR training, versus what your clients/athletes should be doing?
  6. Overemphasizing on Physical Quality
    • And why overemphasizing any one training quality is a recipe for disaster
  7. Not Writing Well-Rounded Programs
    • The bicycle spoke method of writing balanced programs


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Add 100 Pounds To Your Squat - 5 Seminar Takeaways - Thu, 05/16/2019 - 12:03
It took more than 20 years of surveys for us to define what is optimal. These are some of those key items and teaching points we've picked up from those surveys, such as training group size considerations and training the squat from the bottom up.
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How to Coach Based on Personality Type - Thu, 05/16/2019 - 11:02
Knowing your clients' personalities and using that knowledge for communication and programming can make you a better, more effective coach. Here's how you can do that using the DISC personality model.
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Magic is alive - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 16:52

MAGIC IS ALIVE. Magic is a return—to yourself, to Source, to all things earthly and cosmic. Magic is deepening and trusting your intuition; it’s the way you just know, the moments when you think, “of course.” Magic is co-creating with the Universe—collaborating, even as it trolls you. Recognizing there is […]

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Getting A Bigger and Better Weight Room on a Small-School Budget - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 15:53
AJ Mott has 21 years of wrestling under his belt. Luckily, when it came to working on a small school budget, the Farleigh Dickinson strength and conditioning coach didn't have to wrestle with elitefts for the best deals.
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Meet Report: 5thSet at the US Kern Open - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 14:38
Now that I had the trip paid for thanks to a seminar event, I could focus on helping my lifters at the US Kern Open: the reason I’d flown all the way from the East Coast to begin with.
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Meet Report: Supporting 5thSet Lifters at the US Kern Open - Wed, 05/15/2019 - 14:38
Now that I had the trip paid for thanks to a seminar event, I could focus on helping my lifters at the US Kern Open: the reason I’d flown all the way from the East Coast to begin with.
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