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Located at 1107 North Elm Street in West Liberty Iowa, is Feldman Performance's 24 hour access gym.

At 4,200 square feet, Feldman Performance's facility has a lot to offer.

Below is a visual tour of the 24 hour gym.

Rates for 24 hour access

Single Person
Trial Month -  $30
3 Months      -  $45/month
6 Months      -  $40/month
12 Months   -  $35/month
Trial Month  -  $50
3 Months      -  $81/month
6 Months      -  $72/month
12 Months    -  $63/month
Family (3 or more)
Trial Month  -  $75
3 Months       - $134/month
6 Months       - $100/month
12 Months    -  $92/month
Kids (age 10-15)  -  $15/month

Rates for group training (and optional 24 hour access)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
5:15 AM, 7:30 AM, 11:15 AM, 4:00 PM, and 5:15PM

Unlimited monthly class and free 24 hour gym access  -  $110
8 monthly classes  -  $95 and optional $5 rate for 24 hour gym access
4 monthly classes  -  $70 and optional $10 rate for 24 hour gym access

Couples and family rates available

Other coaching services offered by Feldman Performance include personal training, nutrition coaching, program design, performance enhancement, youth training, and consultations.

Click HERE for more information on coaching services 

Score Body Comp

New Feldman Performance gym members - $5
Feldman Performance gym member additional scans - $20
Non Feldman Performance gym members - $45 for more information

Other Gym Information

2 restrooms, 1 shower in each
14+ parking spots
Swipe card access
Security cameras
4 TVs
Free Cable
Free Internet
Wireless audio streaming to smartphone from TVs
Wireless audio streaming to audio system
Free towel service
Foam rollers and clothing for sale

Supplements for sale

Cardio and weight machines

1 Stairclimber

4 treadmills
2 elipticals
2 rowers

2 recumbent bikes
2 upright bikes
2 airdyne bikes

Leg press/calf raise
Leg curl/leg extension
Lat pulldown/low row
Chest fly/reverse fly

Tricep pushdown/bicep curl
Overhead press/chest press

Pull up/dip/leg raise trainer

Adjustable cable machine

Functional training side (this side will be open for use with a 24 hour access membership as well)

6 half power racks (attachements: incline bench, step up, rings, TRX, dip, band pegs, chain storage, band storage, multi grip/fat grip pull up)

Dumbbells 3-125 lbs, 3-50 lbs are double pairs

Kettlebells 4-48 kg, 8-24 kg are double pairs

4 prowler sleds
4 soft plyo boxes
6 slideboards

4 glute ham raises
1 45 degree hyper

6 trapbars
Texas power bars
Olympic bars
Woman Olympic bars

Specialty bars (Tranformer (safety) bar, swiss bar, cambered bar)
Dynomax balls with cement wall to throw against
Rogue Yoke

Various steps
Chest supported row
Punching bag

Foam rollers

6 stability balls

Feldman Performance would love to assist you toward your fitness and training goals.

Contact Dusty at or 319.331.9914 for more information!

Full Membership Agreement (PDF)