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Group Classes

Semi-private training is a structure that has proven successful in everything from collegiate and professional sports, to physical therapy, to cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. While most clients may not meet any of these extremes, our approach borrows these disciplines in a group setting.

Feldman Performance 24 Hour Gym
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
5:15 AM, 7:30 AM, 11:15 AM, 4:00 PM, and 5:15PM

Unlimited monthly class and free 24 hour gym access  -  $110
8 monthly classes  -  $95 and optional $5 rate for 24 hour gym access
4 monthly classes  -  $70 and optional $10 rate for 24 hour gym access

North Dodge Athletic Club
Tuesday - 8:30 AM, 5:00 PM
Thursday - 5:00 PM

Performance Enhancement

Many athletes have great moments once in a while. All athletes have the desire to do the best every time they step only the playing field. What separates the great athletes from others? One thing that separates great athletes from others is their level of physical conditioning. Physical preparation will make an average athlete a good athlete, a good athlete a great athlete, game after game.

Programmed training has never been more important in the history of sports. With young athletes reaching higher levels of skill earlier in life the results are higher injury rates leading to a halt in development. Proper deceleration and landing techniques are commonly overlooked. Random training won’t lead to proper physical preparation. It must be specific to the sport and more importantly the athlete as an individual.

Contact for current youth group training
Parent Registration and Informed Consent form

West Liberty High School Athletes
Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 6:30 AM
Wednesday - 2:45 PM

One on One (Gym or In Home)

Certain individuals need and like the idea of training in a one on one environment. There are many benefits of working in a one on one setting; convenience and time being a major benefit. We can come to your home, back yard, park, basement, or gym to help you achieve your goals. We will take a look at current and past injuries, medical history, postural assessments, movement assessments, nutrition, and any other training questions that an individual may need answered. In a one on one setting you can assure you are receiving the attention you need. Technique will be perfected to ensure long-term progress and health. We want everyone not only to look good and move well, but feel good as well. Equipment can be provided for in home training.

Feldman Performance 24 Hour Gym
12 sessions - $55/session
6 sessions - $60/session
1 session - $65/session

North Dodge Athletic Club
12 sessions - $50/session
1 session - $55/session

One Time Consultation

Training as a regular client is not always geographically or financially feasible for some individuals and with that in mind, one time consultation is available for one time or short training stints. These visits are not limited to current and past injuries, medical history, postural assessments, movement assessments, technique coaching, program critiques, and any other training questions that an individual may need answered. All individuals for these consultations will receive detailed, individualized feedback based on findings and, if desired, comprehensive programming.

Pricing is different dependant on needs, contact for pricing

Program Design

Even seasoned veterans in the iron game often have difficulty writing complete training programs. We will get things started with a comprehensive questionnaire addressing everything from your training history, to your injury history, to your goals, to your time to commit to training.

We will supply the training program; all you have to do is supply the hard work and dedication. Our programs will give you all the tools to develop your physique and improve your performance: warm-up, dynamic flexibility/mobility, soft tissue work, strength, power, muscle mass gains, agility, proprioception, prehabilitation, rehabilitation, and recovery modalities. Very simply, you bring the effort, and I’ll take care of the rest - no matter how many questions you need answered.

$200 First month, $175/month thereafter (minimal 2 month commitment)


Nutrition Program

Are you training hard and still not getting your desired results? Are you tired of feeling run-down and tired because you can't get your diet on track? At Feldman Performance, we'll help you set and achieve your health and physique goals following sound nutritional principles. No fad diets, no gimmicks.

In the beginning we'll review a dietary history, and develop a step by step process. A Pn1 nutrition approach guides our coaching. It will take some work to adopt to a new style, not only will we help you achieve your goals, but we'll give you the tools so that you'll be able to make sound nutritional decisions for yourself in the future.

$200 first month, $175/month thereafter (minimal 2 month commitment)

Feldman Performance group members and NDAC group members: $75/month

Body Composition Scans

Feldman Performance has teamed up with Score Body Comp to offer an excellent way to track body composition.

New Feldman Performance gym members - $5
Feldman Performance gym member additional scans - $20
Non Feldman Performance gym members - $45 for more information